President's Message

Fall 2020

I’m pleased to begin this newsletter with a big Thank You to all of our new/returning members and sponsors for the upcoming year. As you may know, our annual membership and sponsorship enrollments lapse every June. We had a frightful budget preparation process this year as we were worried about a drastic drop in participation and interest with CCI. I’m happy to say our member and sponsor numbers are better than the dire situation we had predicted. We aren’t setting new highs, but we are thrilled with the continued support from our chapter members. We miss seeing you all in person at our lunches, courses, and industry events.

It may seem like our chapter has slowed down, but I promise you the opposite is true. Our Board is busy with various meetings essentially every week. It’s difficult to show membership just how much time we spend on the advocacy side of things as it is very much ‘behind the scenes’. I doubt we have ever been so busy with public consultations and stakeholder group meetings. Divide and conquer has been the solution amongst our Board as we have multiple members involved with the rapid planning/changes forthcoming with RECA and the licensing of condo property managers. Rest assured your interests are being represented by CCI as we continue to advocate for all condo owners and stakeholders. The provincial government is also now kicking off meetings about introducing a tribunal for condominium disputes in Alberta. We’ve already confirmed our attendance for these invitation-only meetings. If you have been following the legislation changes for the past 5 years, the tribunal is the third of the three step process that was laid out in by the provincial government’s plan to reform the Condo Act/Regulations. There is a survey out there to be done, and surely more to come. Become involved and share your opinion as it looks like condo owners will be paying the fee for the tribunal, similar to Ontario, BC and Nova Scotia.

On the National CCI front, we are anxiously awaiting the results of a business and marketing strategy report from a third party specialist firm that was engaged collectively by all 17 CCI chapters across the country. This was a massive investment, and may result in some major long term changes/plans for our organization. You may have noticed more information and events in your email from our National CCI coordinators. This is because there has been a push for more National CCI content, involvement and support. If you have thoughts on the matter, please reach out to me for discussion as I represent our Chapter on the National Council.

Normally I would be welcoming new/returning Board members this time of year as we would have hosted our AGM and Board election by now. At the time of writing this, our AGM is yet to happen, and I’m up for re-election. I hope to be accepted for another two-year position and continue with this inspired Board and engaged membership. I also hope to continue in the president position for at least another year. Albeit, I have a feeling there is another election people will be following more closely in the next month. Lastly, if anyone is counting, this is now my third newsletter where I have avoided the typical COVID comments that we are all so sick of reading. Until next time.

Ryan Coles 
CCI South Alberta Chapter, President

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