President's Message

March 2022

It’s been almost a year since I wrote a message for this newsletter. Since then we’ve had exciting cover page news to share, including an announcement about the new LCCI designation released by CCI National last spring. I’m happy to announce that myself and Andrew Fulcher of the CCI South AB Board are two of the first people to obtain this designation. For those of you who have been members for more than three years, please consider applying for this and spreading the word. The designation is a form of marketing that can grow CCI’s brand and recognition. It also shows clients that you are an experienced, condo-focused service provider.

Another recent front page announcement highlighted the Volunteer and Condo of the Year awards. Congratulations to Kim Schulte of The Tudors and Glorand Place respectively for receiving these well-earned acknowledgements. I had the opportunity to give Kim the award in person, with his fellow owners. (They had wine and cookies…I was not about to pass up the opportunity to present). Kim’s fellow owners had some lovely words to say about Kim and it was great to be back at a building I actually first visited 10 years ago for a Reserve Fund Study.

Continuing on the thread of our chapter’s news headlines, CCI South AB and North AB have partnered with the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) to create the Alberta Condominium Management Education Consortium (ACMEC). Apologies for adding another acronym to your life. ACMEC is one of only two providers currently approved by RECA to provide courses that assist condo managers in meeting their licensing requirements. The ACMEC course material was jointly produced by CCI members and AREA.

I’ve made a number of phone calls and emails to various property managers to get the word out about our course offerings. We are the most cost-competitive and timely option on the table right now. Even if you don’t need to be licensed, consider taking the Fundamentals of Condo Management course to be more informed about the requirements of a property manager’s job. Property managers are critical contributors to this industry and it's one of the toughest jobs I know. And if you are self-managed, the Fundamentals course would be an excellent supplement to our CCI 100/200/300 courses. We hope that our educational courses continue to be a valuable asset to Board members and those property managers who want to expand their knowledge base. CCI covers many topics in greater detail in our 200 and 300 courses - for example, we dive pretty deep into building envelope topics (one of my true passions) in our 300 course.

Let’s close with a classic anecdote many of you are likely familiar with. I was chatting with a coworker who is in a tiff with his own condo Board/developer over a bylaw and rules clarification. I explained that from my perspective, there are often two streams of owners who are trying to get the actions/responses they need from the Corporation - those who play an ‘empathy card’…and others who can tend towards an angrier approach, needing responses immediately and sometimes with a threatening tone. A more patient and respectful approach leads to better results for us all in this industry. My team focuses on this mantra every day and we certainly appreciate every one of you who demonstrate the same. Let’s set out to share some kind words with our fellow Board members and project teams in the coming months. I hope to see more of you in person soon too!

Ryan Coles 
CCI South Alberta Chapter, President

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