President's Message

Spring/ Summer 2018

Ya-Hoo!! Summer is finally here! Time to water the flowers, sit  in an easy chair and survey the common property...I hope by now that all your irrigation is running, bushes are trimmed and plant beds mulched. Hopefully, no-one is annoying other condo owners by smoking on balconies and having rowdy fire pits at the weekend! This year has been a busy one at CCI with reorganization of our committees both locally and nationally. Our National organization has changed its funding model to a flat percentage fee from its chapters in 2018-19 which will increase the amount that we contribute towards the National organization. 

Our conference in Banff at the end of May was a success. We hosted all Canadian chapters of the CCI at this Leaders’ Conference. Our organizing team did a fabulous job planning and hosting the event (Special thanks to Tony, Maria and Elaine) and I would like to personally thank all our sponsors who made the event possible through their generous donations and support without which our conference would have fallen flat and not been the success it was. How successful was it? So successful, in fact, that several long term CCI members said it was the best conference ever...Kudos to all!! There will be photos of the conference on line for you all to check out.

I am sure you will have seen that the government is progressing with the stage 2 of the CPAA Regulations and a survey has been sent out to all interested parties to be completed by end July 2018. Our luncheon in May highlighted some of these changes. CCI SAB has some reservations about a few points,  insurance, for example, and will be remitting a letter to the government detailing our concerns. There is a link on our website to the survey and we urge you to fill it out before the end of July.  

Please send in your applications for the Condo of the Year and Volunteer of the Year awards so that we can announce the winners in our AGM slated for September 27, 2018.  It is great to hear about all the applications and the wonderful work that is being done by condos and board members throughout Southern Alberta. Don’t delay on sending your applications in. Please also save the date also for the joint conference in the fall with ACMA and REIC to be held at our exciting new venue, Telus Convention Centre on November 2-3, 2018.

I have felt very honoured to have served as President of the CCI South Alberta Chapter for the last 3 years.   I have enjoyed chairing meetings teaching and speaking to luncheon crowds – crowds which seem to be increasing! I will step down from the President’s role in September allowing someone else to take over the reins. The last 3 years have flown by and I have relished the responsibilities of being President. We have definitely had some challenges over this time, some of which are still unresolved. A past president of CCI once told me that organizations need change at the top to keep things fresh. That is why I am stepping back.  When I started as President, I had 3 goals in my mind: increase support and opportunities for business partners; increase membership numbers and bring the delivery of CCI courses to communities outside of Calgary. I can say with a certain modicum of pride that all 3 goals were realized.. Job done. Be seeing you soon......


Andrew Fulcher


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