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Reprinted from the Fall 2017 Newsletter
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I am honored to have been asked again to fill the role of President of CCI Southern Alberta for the coming year, and look forward to serving you to the best of my abilities in this role. Our September AGM elected several new members to the Board, and the fact that it was a contested election for the fourth year running, demonstrates the high level of interest amongst our members. The new Board is very excited to work together to bring you new ideas and direction.

The education committee has lined up a superb roster of luncheon presenters.  The October luncheon on insurance, presented entertainingly by Richard John, was a sold-out affair. It touched on many important insurance issues including when and how to charge back deductibles, and whether a chronic (meaning an ongoing, long-term) leak is actually an insurance claim at all.  November 23rd was also a sold-out luncheon on Human Rights - Age Restriction legislation presented by John McDougall.  In 2018, the fantastic line-up for luncheon presenters continues: a 3 lawyer legal panel including Roberto Noce from Edmonton and luncheons on how to run a meeting effectively, legislative changes to the Act… I could go, on but you get the drift. Information on dates and presenters can be found on our website.

We offered the introductory Condominium Management 101 course and the more detailed CM100 course in Calgary, in November. These courses as well as the CM200 and CM300 will be offered in the new year.  In addition, we are will be rolling out a new course entitled “Planning a Successful Budget.”  Keep checking our website for specific dates, times and location.

In the New Year, we are planning to hold courses in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat continuing our commitment to bring condo education to all of Southern Alberta.

This winter I would like to remind you all, to keep your windows firmly closed, your parking lots and sidewalks freshly shoveled, and your hearts fully open to the joy and wonder of the season. In the words of the great Red Green: “Keep your stick on the ice…we’re all in this together!”


Andrew Fulcher


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