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February 8, 2023 - By CCI South Alberta

Electricity Rebate Petition

In March 2022 the Government of Alberta rolled out a rebate program to Alberta Consumers on their power bills for electricity between July 2022 to April 2023. Condominium owners living in a submetered apartment condo are NOT eligible to receive these rebates.  

Condominium-based stakeholders, including CCISA, have been working to advocate for the government to include condominium owners in the rebate program. This week the Condo Owners Forum Society of Alberta (COF) initiated a petition and letter-writing campaign to the Government of Alberta. CCI South Alberta is reaching out to you to encourage you to write a letter or sign the petition to treat all homeowners equally.

To find out more click the LINK; to sign the petition or write a letter, click the LINK. We encourage you to forward the information to all condominium owners and appreciate your support.


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